LimiTee Apparel

LimiTee sells limited edition organic T-shirts, each edition illustrated by a different artist, each has his own theme and story. I was asked to design the 8th edition, my design tells the story of Blood Relations.

In short this is what the project Blood Relations is all about; June 2010 Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Israel launched a project called The Impossible Brief, Creative minds from all over the world were invited to present ideas that would bring Israelis and Palestinians closer together, something nobody has succeeded in, in the last 60 years. The outcome of this brief was the project called Blood Relations.

The winning idea was the Israeli-Palestinian mutual blood bank. This idea became Blood Relations, a project that aims to inspire dialogue between the two peoples’ shared humanity through the common bond of blood.

I thought this was a great project, to bring the Israelis en Palestinians together, so I used the old and well known quote 'United we stand, divided we fall' illustrated in veins to visualize this project.

"Blood Relations’ seeks to provide a catalyst for dialog by demonstrating two peoples’ shared humanity through the common bond of blood. It is incumbent upon us to stress the need for an ongoing dialog towards peace, whatever the result of the Palestinian quest for an independent viable state."

- Ali Abu Awwad