“His work is characterized by the use of an abundant amount of white space, which he uses to great advantage, only including just enough visual information to instruct the viewer and not allowing for any extraneous content to distract.”

Victor van Gaasbeek is a designer and illustrator from the Netherlands. He studied at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam where he completed the Graphic Design Master Class. After that he enrolled at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy where he completed his Bachelor of Design whilst working for different design agency's. In his final year he started his own studio, where he works for both large international brands as well as for small local businesses.

Van Gaasbeek has been working in the field of communication & design since 2009, working together with - and for - different agency’s.

Ever since he got his first pencils as a child, he’s been drawing pictures and wanted to be an artist. Eventually this dream of becoming a drawing artist wasn’t too far away of what he’s doing now.

His works consists of identity design, illustration, type design and more. Besides his commercial design work he also produces a lot of self initiated work, in which nature is a recurring theme. Some of his artworks are also available for purchase.


Man-Made Evolution
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2014
A site for eye sores
London, United Kingdom, 2011
B & W Are Not Colors
The Hague, The Netherlands, 2011
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2011
Barcelona, Spain, 2010
Street Print
Tel Aviv, Israël, 2010


Speaker at Creative Mornings
Founder of Wolfstak


Using Language to Persuade
DZONE #141
Fontanel Magazine
Design Bureau Magazine
Status Magazine
Advanced Photoshop UK #85
Advanced Photoshop Germany #10
World Environment Magazine #6


The Path to Creative Happiness
Article, 2013