A subject that I feel strongly about and therefore can often be found in my work is nature.

Below you’ll find personal artworks I’ve made highlighting aspects of our relation with nature. Many of these artworks have since been used as key visuals for books, magazines and events.

Empty Space Rhino
Empty Space Sea Turtle
Empty Space Orangutan
Empty Space African Elephnat
Empty Space Polar Bear

↑ Empty Space

"‘Empty Space’ by Victor van Gaasbeek is a series of digital art that reminds us how precious the Earth’s animals are by showing endangered species in their habitat. The twist lies in how these animals are cut out of their surroundings, leaving only white space behind.

The connection made in ‘Empty Space’ by Victor van Gaasbeek is clear: If these endangered animals die out, none will take their place in a habitat."

- Trendhunter Magazine

Decline Polar Bear

↑ Time is running out

Personal wallpaper design, focused on creating awareness for the rapid decline of polar bears due to melting polar ice. Polar bears are dying. As global warming accelerates, the sea ice they depend on for survival is literally melting away. Bears are starving and drowning as they have to swim farther and farther to reach solid ice. Some are even turning to cannibalism in a desperate search for food.

Global Warming Typography
Global Warming Warning Typography
Rising Sea Level Panda